Chinese Takeaway in Warrington

If you're craving a Chinese takeaway in Warrington or looking for a restaurant to takeaway in Warrington, our spot in Padgate is the perfect choice. We offer various takeaway options from or restaurant in Padgate, Warrington. 5-10pm Tuesday - Sunday. Pick up only. Please place your order during opening times via 01925 636888. Payments via card or cash. Pre-orders would be appreciated where possible.

All takeaway prices shown below include 15% discount from our restaurant menu

V - Vegetarian / VN - Vegan / N - Contains Nuts / GF - Gluten Free / DF - Diary Free

Takeaway specials


King Do Spare ribs, Super Luxe Prawn Toast, Beef spring Rolls, Chicken skewers, Crispy Seaweed, Chips & Small Curry sauce.

Chilli Salt Box

Spare Ribs, Chicken Wings, Chicken pieces, Beef Skewers, Vegetable Spring Rolls, Crispy Seaweed, Chips & Small Curry sauce.

Chilli Salt Chips


Dim Sum & Small Plates

Thai spicy crackers


Crispy seaweed / V & VN option


Lobster lychee gau / DF

Delicate lobster meat with a subtle hint of lychee wrapped in a translucent rice wrapper. (x2)

Har gau / DF

Tiger prawn, bamboo shoots wrapped in a delicate rice starch wrapper (x4)

XO Siu mai

Pork & prawn open dumplings in egg wrappers, topped with XO. This is a spicy dried scallop & chilli condiment from Hong Kong with an umami flavour (x4)

Wor tip / DF

These Chinese dumplings are cooked by steaming, then pan fried to give another texture dimension. Deliciously moreish, dip into Chinese red vinegar & fresh ginger for the best taste! (x4)

Chiu chow vegetable fun-gor / V / VN / DF

Spicy daikon filling (x3)

Jade gau / V / VN / DF

Steamed dumpling with a crystal spinach wrapper, filled with mock chicken & assorted mushroom (x3)

Char siu bao / DF

Barbeque pork filled buns. Char siu refers to the pork filling and bao means ‘bun’ (x2)

Chicken bao / DF

Chicken, ginger & shitake mushroom enveloped in a fluffy bun (x2)

Mock char siu bao / V

Our chef has made a vegetarian friendly version of this famous bao bun. Made with the same great flavours but with a gluten based wheat substitute (x2)

Veggie bao / V / VN / DF

Steamed and then pan fried, filled with mock chicken & assorted mushrooms (x2)

Hot & sour soup / V & VN option / GF

With shredded char siu, bamboo shoots & shrimps. (contains egg, can be requested without)

Chicken & sweetcorn soup /GF / V option

Like a warm hug, our soup is creamy & delicious. (contains egg, can be requested without V, VN options available)

Crispy duck spring rolls

Braised duck with delicate star anise and five spice served with a sweet & sour dipping sauce (x3)

Vietnamese style spring rolls / V

Crispy spring roll pastry filled with Vermicelli, carrot, wood fungus mushroom & spring onions (x3)

Super luxe prawn toast (x5) / DF


King do spare ribs / DF

Signature Cantonese sauce (x4)

Chicken skewers (x3) / DF

with Lemongrass and ginger

HK style curry beefball skewers (x3)

A must have street food in Mong Kok, Hong Kong. Handmade meatballs smothered in chinese curry sauce.

Chilli & spicy salt / DF / GF

Tofu (V, VN) , Aubergine (V, VN), Cuttlefish, Chicken wings, Pork ribs. (GF ribs & wings may be available)
7.5, 7.5, 8, 8, 9

Tzai ap / V / VN

A gluten-based mock crispy duck, made with wheat gluten & soy sauce, served with pancakes, salad & hoi sin

Crispy duck with pancakes & salad

Quarter, half or whole
14, 22, 39.25

Signature Plates

Ja Ping (price per person, min of 2)

A starter platter that includes all the favourites including Duck spring rolls, Sesame prawn toast, Chicken skewers, King do ribs & Seaweed.

Dim sum ping (price per person, min of 2)

A selection of our classics, Har gau, Sui mai, Wor tip, Char siu bao & Seaweed

Tzai ping / V (price per person, min of 2)

The vegetarian platter with Chiu chow vegetable fun-gor, Chilli salt tofu, Vietnamese spring rolls, Veggie bao & Seaweed.

Large Plates & Bowls

Lemon chicken / DF

Once you’ve tried it @tao you will be spoilt forever

Katsu chicken / DF

Japanese mild curry, panko breaded chicken breast

Crispy shredded beef or chicken in Cantonese sauce / DF

Strips of beef or chicken coated in a light batter, tossed in a sticky, tangy sweet sauce with fresh chillies

Wok peppered beef

Tender fillet steak in a punchy black pepper sauce

Fillet steak cantonese

Tender pieces of fillet steak in a fruity, tangy sauce.

Thai red curry bowl (Sauce V / VN / GF /DF)

Chicken DF / GF, HK beefballs DF / GF, King prawns / GF, Tofu / V / VN / GF/ DF , Aubergine / V / VN / GF/ DF
13, 13, 15, 11.5, 11.5

Steamed sea bass / GF option available

A trinity of Cantonese flavours. Spring onion, ginger & signature soy sauce

Sweet & sour Cantonese style / GF

Chicken / DF, King prawns / DF, Mock chicken / V / VN, Tofu / V / VN / GF / DF
13, 15, 12, 11.5

Chilli & Spicy salt king prawns

Lightly coated crispy prawns tossed in garlic, chilli & spring onions with a salty seasoning.

TAO curry / DF

Chinese style curry with king prawns, beef, chicken & char siu. Finished with chilli oil for that extra delicious kick.


Chicken / DF/ GF, HK beefballs DF / GF , King prawns / DF/ GF, Tofu / V / VN / DF, Aubergine / V / VN / GF / DF
13, 13, 15, 11.5, 11.5

Green peppers & black bean sauce / GF / DF (Tofu & aubergine / V / VN )

Chicken / DF/ GF, HK beefballs DF / GF , Tofu / V / VN / GF/ DF , Aubergine / V / VN / GF / DF
13, 13, 11.5, 11.5

Noodles, Rice & Sides

Jasmine fragrant rice / V / VN / GF / DF

Fluffy & the perfect accompaniment to mop up sauce

Egg fried rice / V / DF

Simple & delicious, contains spring onions (VN option available)

Yeung chow fried rice / DF

Shrimps, diced char siu, egg & spring onions

Rainbow Egg noodles / V / VN

Stir fried with bean sprouts, carrots & spring onions

Singapore vermicelli / DF

Thin rice noodles with char siu, shrimps, egg, spring onions, onions & carrots (V, VN options available)

Vegetarian Hong Kong style ho fun noodles / V / VN / DF /

Flat rice noodles, stir fried with shitake mushroom, spring onions, onions & soy sauce.

Seasonal greens / V / VN / DF

Sauteed with ginger / garlic





Soft Noodles




Takeaway Tou Chan Menu - from £20pp

In Cantonese, ‘Tou Chan’ literally means ​‘Set Meal’. At TAO, we have lovingly put together some combinations of different dishes to make your life easier. Who needs to spend ages reading when we can start eating? Price per person / minimum of 2 people

Yut - choose your starter

Lobster Lychee Gau / DF

(Extra +£2)

Chiu Chow Fun-Gor / V / VN / DF

Steamed crystal dumpling with a chilli bean daikon filling

Steamed Siu Mai / DF

Pork & prawn open dumplings in egg wrappers.

Steamed Veggie Bao / V / VN / DF

Mock Chicken, shitake & coriander, finished by pan frying

Steamed Char Siu Bao / DF

Roasted barbeque pork filled fluffy buns.

Steamed Chicken Bao / DF

Crispy Duck with Pancakes & Salad
(Extra +£4)

Mock Crispy Duck with pancakes & Salad / V / VN

(Extra +£2)

Hot & Sour Soup / V option / DF

Chicken & Sweetcorn Soup / V option / DF / GF

Super Luxe Prawn Toast

(Extra +£2)

Chicken Skewers / DF

Chilli Salt Ribs / DF / GF option

Chilli Salt Chicken Wings / DF / GF option

King Do Ribs

King Do Chicken Wings

Chilli & Spicy Salt Tofu V / VN / DF / GF

Crispy Duck Spring Rolls

Vietnamese Style Spring Rolls / V

Yee - choose your main

Wok Peppered Beef

(Extra +£4)

Cantonese Sauce / DF

King Prawn (Extra +£4)
Fillet steak (Extra +£4)
Chicken King prawns

Red Thai Curry / V / VN / GF / DF

Tofu V / VN

Sweet & Sour Chicken / DF

Steamed Sea Bass (GF option available)

(Extra +£4)

Green Peppers & Black Bean Sauce V / VN / GF / DF

Tofu V / VN

Chilli & Spicy Salt King Prawns

(Extra +£4)

Katsu Chicken / DF

(Extra +£2)

Lemon chicken / DF

TAO Curry / DF

(Extra +£2)

Crispy Shredded Beef or Chicken Cantonese / DF

(Extra +£2)

Sichuan (V,VN,DF)

Tofu / V / VN

Sam - choose your side

Jasmine Rice / V / VN / DF / GF

Egg Fried Rice / V / DF / VN & GF option

Soft Noodles / V / VN / DF / GF

Seasonal Vegetables V / VN / DF & GF option

Chips V / VN / DF / GF

Tao policy: We are an independent business built on our shared love of food. We endeavour to source all our ingredients locally and use fresh ingredients. We kindly ask customers to be patient as items are cooked to order. If you cannot find something, please ask your server and we will try our best to accommodate. Parties of 6 or more are subject to a discretionary 10% service charge. Please note all our dishes are prepared in a kitchen where cross-contamination may occur, and guests with severe allergies or intolerance’s should be aware that although all due care is taken, there is a risk of allergen ingredients still being present. Guests with allergies and intolerances should make a member of the team aware before placing an order for food or beverages.

You can book your takeaway by calling us on 01925 636888

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