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Our restaurant in Warrington is the place to share our love of Cantonese food to our discerning customer. If you are in the mood for great Cantonese & Chinese food in contemporary surroundings, we have many tantalising options for you.

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Cantonese cuisine

If you've been searching for a high quality restaurant in Warrington or specifically an authentic Chinese in Warrington, then Tao is your destination. Our set menu called Tou Chan - where we have selected all our most popular dishes at a glance. There is our A La Carte Menu where you can order all your favourites, our Early Bird Menu which is perfect for our early diners and on Sundays we have an All-you-can-eat Feast Menu, a selection of our most mouth-watering dishes that are great for sharing with friends and family.

At Tao, we love to celebrate Chinese food, family and friends. Our accomplished chef specialises in dim sum and combines natural and locally sourced ingredients with traditional techniques to create innovative Cantonese flavours. Our restaurant in Warrington is our world and we hope you, your family and your friends enjoy being part of it with us


Our story

What does Tao mean and how do you say it? Pronounced ‘DOW’ in cantonese and ‘T-OW’ in english, Tao translates roughly as ‘the way’. Taoism starts by teaching a truth; “The Tao” is indefinable and each of us can discover the Tao on our own terms. For us The Tao is about love... for food, for family and for sharing time together. We love to eat, cook, think about and talk about food. From the border of China and Vietnam, via the vibrant restaurant scene of 70s London to the heart of Cheshire, our family has been immersed in sharing our passion for food for decades.

"Amazing flavours, a warm welcome and perfect service. How Cantonese food should be"

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